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  • What gold alloy: 18, 14 or 9 carats?
    18 carat gold is considered a superior choice for jewelry compared to 14k gold and 9k gold due to its higher gold content pure. 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold, while 14 carat gold contains only 58.5% and 9 carat gold only 37.5%. This means that 18k gold has a richer, warmer color and longer-lasting shine than other gold alloys. In addition, 18k gold is also more resistant to corrosion and oxidation than other alloys, making it more resistant to wear and discoloration over time. Finally, 18k gold jewelry also has a greater market value due to its higher pure gold content, making it more valuable and sought after by collectors and high-end jewelry enthusiasts.
  • Why do we only use 18k gold alloy ?
    The use of an 18-carat gold alloy is common in jewelry because it combines the beauty and brilliance of pure gold with the durability and strength of alloy metals. Pure 24 carat gold is very soft and malleable , making it unsuitable for making jewelry that needs to be resistant to everyday wear. Adding metals such as copper, silver and palladium to gold results in a harder, stronger alloy that can be shaped and worked to create durable and beautiful jewelry. 18k gold is also a popular choice for premium jewelry because it contains a high proportion of pure gold, giving it a brilliance and richness of color unmatched by lower-grade alloys gold.
  • Natural or laboratory diamond ?
    The Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero traditionally offers a wide range of jewelry with natural diamonds, but recently we also offer laboratory diamonds. We understand that you may have questions about the difference between these two types of diamonds, and what their respective advantages and disadvantages are. We are here to answer these frequently asked questions and help you make an informed choice for your jewelry purchase.
  • What is a natural diamond?
    A natural diamond is formed naturally in the earth's crust under extreme conditions of high pressure and high temperature. It is mined from the earth and requires a mine to recover. Natural diamonds are evaluated according to their purity, their size and color.
  • What is a lab-grown diamond?
    A laboratory diamond, also called a synthetic diamond, is artificially created in the laboratory by reproducing the same extreme conditions as those present in nature. Laboratory diamonds are also evaluated according to their purity, of their size and color.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural diamonds?
    The advantages of natural diamonds are that they are rare and precious, with a history and cultural value that makes them highly sought after. Natural diamonds are also a traditional choice for engagement rings and high jewelry jewelry. However, natural diamonds can be expensive due to their rarity.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of lab-grown diamonds?
    Les avantages des diamants de laboratoire sont qu'ils sont plus abordables que les diamants naturels et qu'ils sont également éthiques et écologiques, car ils ne nécessitent pas de mine pour être extraits. Les diamants de laboratoire peuvent également être produits dans des couleurs et des tailles personnalisées. Cependant, certains peuvent considérer qu'ils manquent de l'histoire et de la valeur culturelle associées aux diamants naturels, et il est important de noter que tous les diamants de laboratoire ne sont pas égaux en termes de qualité et de pureté. En conclusion, il n'y a pas de réponse unique à la question de savoir quel type de diamant est le meilleur. Cela dépend de vos préférences et de vos besoins individuels en matière de bijoux. Nous espérons que ces informations vous aideront à faire un choix éclairé et que vous trouverez le bijou parfait pour vous ou votre bien-aimé.
  • Why custom jewelry ?
    A custom piece of jewelry is a unique work of art, created exclusively for you. It embodies your personality, your tastes and your story. It is an object of sentimental value that spans time and generations. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, custom-made jewelry is made with passion and meticulousness by an experienced craftsman who puts all his know-how and love of the trade to bring your dream to life. He works with top quality materials and takes the time to create a piece of jewelry that meets all your expectations. A custom piece of jewelry is also a unique and enriching experience. You actively participate in the creation of your jewelry in collaboration with the craftsman, you choose every detail and you are guaranteed to obtain a piece of jewelry that suits you 100%. Finally, a custom piece of jewelry is a lasting investment. It is designed to last over time and resist daily wear. It’s a piece of jewelry that you can pass on to your loved ones, a piece of jewelry that will bear the imprint of your personality and your story. In short, a custom piece of jewelry handmade by an artisan is much more than a simple object of adornment. It is the expression of your personality and your story, a unique work that will accompany you throughout your life. It is imbued with the love and passion of its creator, who put his know-how and experience at the service of your dream. So, why settle for a mass-produced and impersonal piece of jewelry, when you can carry an exceptional piece with you, which tells a story and testifies to the authenticity of its owner?
  • What is the cost of a custom piece of jewelry ?
    The creation of a tailor-made piece of jewelry by a craftsman does not cost more than mass-produced jewelry distributed by a reseller. Indeed, mass-produced jewelry is produced in large quantities, which helps reduce production costs. However, these jewelry often have a standardized design and cannot be adapted to the specific tastes and needs of each customer. On the other hand, a custom piece of jewelry is created based on the customer's preferences and requirements. The creative process is more personal and longer< /u>, but the result is unique and perfectly meets the client's expectations. In addition, artisans often have lower production costs, because they work in small quantities and do not have significant marketing and advertising costs. Ultimately, choosing a custom piece of jewelry created by an artisan is an investment in uniqueness and quality. Jewelry is created with passion and attention to detail, and is designed to last a lifetime. The creation process is a personal and meaningful experience, which allows you to create a strong emotional connection with the jewel.
  • How do you go about having custom jewelry made ?
    Let me take you into a world of creativity and emotion, where the magic of jewelry comes to life. It all starts with making an appointment, where we discuss your desires and dreams. I listen to you carefully to understand your project, your tastes, your favorite colors and your favorite materials. During this discussion, I begin to draw the first sketches, looking the perfect shape for your jewelry. We work together on every detail to create a unique piece of jewelry that matches your personality. Once the first drawings and sketches are ready, I will provide you with a precise estimate, so that you have a clear idea of the budget necessary to create your jewelry. If the quote suits you and we agree on all points of the project, a deposit of 30% will be requested to begin modeling the jewelry in digital images. These images allow you to visualize the final result quite perfectly as well as precise technical sketches. I will then send you all these elements digitally so that you can view them from home. After your agreement, I begin the creation stage. I make sure everything is perfect and perhaps ask you if it is necessary to come and do a fitting before finalization. Otherwise, you will be contacted as soon as the project is completed. Now is the time to discover your unique piece of jewelry, made for you, with love and passion.

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