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Questions fréquentes - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Frequently asked questions

What gold alloy: 18, 14 or 9 carats? Why do we only use 18k gold alloy? Natural or laboratory diamond? What is a natural diamond? What is a lab-grown diamond? Why custom jewelry? How much does custom jewelry cost? How do you go about having custom jewelry made?

Hallmarks on a piece of jewelry

When you buy gold or platinum jewelry in France, it is essential to request and check the mandatory hallmarks which are: the maker's mark and the state guarantee hallmark.

Les poinçons sur un bijou - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
L'Or 18 carats : un trésor fusionné dans l'Art - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

18-carat Gold: a treasure merged into Art

Gold, the ultimate symbol of wealth and beauty, has been the precious metal par excellence for thousands of years. Its purity, its radiance and its power of seduction are indisputable. Among the different shades of this precious metal, 18 carat gold shines as one of the most sought after. But how do we manage to create this gold alloy which combines purity and robustness?

Natural Aquamarine VS Artificial Blue Topaz

In the world of jewelry, natural aquamarine and artificial blue topaz compete as distinct options. Rare and authentic aquamarine stands out for its unique beauty, while treated blue topaz offers a more accessible alternative. In this article, we will briefly look at the differences between these two gemstones.

Aigue-Marine Naturelle vs Topaze Bleue Artificielle - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
Diamant naturel vs Diamant de laboratoire : Quelles sont les différences ? - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Natural diamond VS Lab diamond

Diamonds have captivated humanity for millennia with their beauty, rarity and value. Traditionally mined from the earth, natural diamonds now face a modern alternative: lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds. Although they share physical and chemical similarities, there are fundamental differences between these two types of diamonds. In this article, we will explore the main distinctions between natural diamond and lab-grown diamond.

How to clean your jewelry?

We recommend gentle and regular maintenance. Here is our little tip for cleaning your jewelry, at least once a month. Be careful though to take some precautions. For almost all stones, except opal, you can use our gentle technique which consists of using a soft toothbrush and liquid soap.

Comment nettoyer ses bijoux ? - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
Le Diamant en joaillerie - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Diamond in Jewelry

The diamond is the essential precious stone in the world of jewelry. Diamonds have always fascinated us and have always adorned the most beautiful jewels in history and the collections of great Houses. It is a mineral that has a very high refractive index, it is even the highest for crystals. This unique characteristic means that light has a great ability to propagate through the stone, giving it an incomparable shine. Beyond this characteristic, the diamond is also famous for its quality. What defines this quality?

Sapphire in Jewelry

Sapphire is one of the most iconic colored stones in the jewelry world. Its deep blue has made it famous throughout the centuries. Sapphire is a precious stone like emerald, diamond and ruby. It is part of the corundum family. Corundum is a mineral species that has three main characteristics.

Le Saphir en joaillerie - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
Le Rubis en joaillerie - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Ruby in Jewelry

The ruby is one of the stones that best represents the world of jewelry and precious metals. It is one of the four stones commonly described as precious, along with diamond, sapphire and emerald. Ruby - like sapphire - is part of the corundum family. Simply put, a ruby is such a rare and prized variety of red-colored sapphire that it was given the name ruby. Ruby is a gem that has three main characteristics.

Emerald in Jewelry

Emerald is one of the most prestigious stones in the world of jewelry. Along with sapphire, ruby and diamond, it is one of the four precious stones! What makes emerald a coveted stone? What are its main characteristics? Is this a stone suitable for everyday jewelry? Just like aquamarine, emerald belongs to the Beryl family. We can therefore say that these two stones are cousins

L'Émeraude en joaillerie - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
Nos métaux précieux - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Our precious metals

750 thousandths (750 ‰) and 18 carat (18 cts) gold are the two terminologies accepted to designate the same thing: the precious metal of choice used in jewelry. Indeed, contrary to what one might think, we do not use pure gold (also called 24 carat) in jewelry because it would be too soft to be worked properly.

How to choose the right engagement ring?

Choosing an engagement ring for your other half can quickly give you a cold sweat. And for good reason ! It is often the first time that we buy jewelry. It is therefore difficult to find your way around and know how to choose well, without tearing your hair out. Today, we go over all the important points with you to find the perfect engagement ring.

Comment bien choisir sa bague de fiancailles ? - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero
Comment choisir son alliance de mariage ? - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

How to choose your wedding ring?

Choosing wedding rings is a very important moment in preparing your wedding. Your wedding rings represent the symbol of your union and are part of the jewelry that you will wear throughout your life. Obviously, this moment generates a lot of questions. 

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