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When you buy gold or platinum jewelry in France, it is essential to request and check the mandatory hallmarks which are: the master's markand the state guarantee hallmark.

Hallmarks on a piece of jewelry - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

Hallmarks on a piece of jewelry

Hallmarks = Quality + Safety


These punches bringessential security for the consumer

These markings are not simple random punches, butcarefully defined symbols depending on the type of metal used.

Each hallmark represents a specific alloy with a precise content of pure metal, thus guaranteeing the quality of the jewel:

  • for example, theEagle head indicates an alloy18 carat gold (75% pure gold),

  • while theHorse's headattestsplatinum at 85% purity.

This precision allows the consumer to make an informed choice by knowing exactly the composition of the jewel.

By checking these hallmarks, the buyer can be sure thatthe jewel complies with official standards and does not contain lower quality materials, thus providing increased confidence in its purchase.

In addition, the maker's marks make it possible to link the jewel to its creator, thus reinforcingthe artisanal aspect and traceability of the product.


In summary, the guarantee and state hallmarks provide the consumer with the guarantee of acquiring an authentic, quality andcompliant with French legislation.


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