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In the world of jewelry, natural aquamarine and artificial blue topaz compete as distinct options. Rare and authentic aquamarine stands out for its unique beauty, while treated blue topaz offers a more accessible alternative. In this article, we will briefly look at the differences between these two gemstones.

Natural Aquamarine vs Artificial Blue Topaz - Artero Jewelry

Know the main differences between natural aquamarine vs artificial blue topaz.

Origin and Rarity: Aquamarine is a natural precious stone, extracted from mines around the world. Its rarity makes it a popular choice, which is reflected in its higher price. In contrast, blue topaz is often obtained by processing colorless topaz, which creates a more intense blue color. Its more common availability makes it more affordable for more people.


Beauty and Authenticity: Natural aquamarine is appreciated for its soft and subtle color, as well as its crystal clear transparency. Its natural shine and exceptional clarity give it an aura of authenticity. Treated blue topaz also offers a beautiful appearance, but it may have inclusions or slight turbidity, which can affect its brilliance and clarity.

Price and Accessibility: Due to its rarity, natural aquamarine tends to be more expensive than treated blue topaz. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for unique and high-value pieces. Blue topaz, on the other hand, is often more affordable, making it popular for more accessible designs on the market.​

Bottom Line: When shopping for jewelry, it is important to consider the differences between natural aquamarine and treated blue topaz. While treated blue topaz is commonly used in jewelry and is more affordable, it is crucial not to be fooled by its widespread availability. In contrast, natural aquamarine is a rare and precious stone that offers authentic and unique beauty. It is essential to use discernment when making your choice and to ensure the quality and authenticity of the stone you purchase. Don't let the common appearance of treated blue topaz fool you into thinking that aquamarine is an easily accessible stone. Favor the rarity and value of natural aquamarine for truly exceptional and unique pieces of jewelry.


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