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Welcome to the official website of the jeweller's

Welcome to my official website, which I wanted to be simple and aesthetic to allow you to pleasantly discover my creations. It will evolve week after week and will present to you the last jewelry and original pieces created in my workshop, at 22 Bis bd Dubouchage in Nice.

Bienvenue sur le site officiel de la Bijouterie Joaillerie
La Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero depuis 1971

Artero Jewelry since 1971

Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero was created in 1971 by the jeweler Christian Artero. It has developed a semi-industrial production activity of massive items, mainly chains and bracelets, in 750/1000 gold (18 cts), for professional customers, mainly in France. Managed since 1998 by the jeweler Stéphane Artero, the jewelry store has gradually opened its doors to individuals. Today, aimed at French and foreign customers, jewelry creation and tailor-made products are its main activity.

The working philosophy of jeweler Stéphane Artero

The passion for my profession and my taste for the constant search for new forms and new technical and aesthetic challenges naturally direct me towards tailor-made products. A word undoubtedly synonymous with luxury and big budgets for some of you. I reassure you, creation is not a luxury reserved for a few. I have the ambition to open it to a wide audience by adapting to everyone's budget and requirements.

La philosophie de travail du bijoutier Stéphane Artero

Discover the world of Artero Jewelry

Custom creation of jewelry accessible to all.

Repairs, renovations, estimates, measurements.

Wedding rings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold jewelry, etc.

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