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The creation injewelry

The creation of a piece of jewelry

The intellectual and technical side. Of course, there are several ways to go about creating jewelry. The starting point is the idea. It can already be very specific: you have noticed a piece of jewelry that makes you dream in a magazine, or you have already imagined your future piece of jewelry. Rest assured, if you don't have a precise idea, which is often the case, I will draw inspiration from our discussion and your personality to present a project to you.

La création d'un bijou en joaillerie
Vous ne possédez ni pierre, ni bijou ?

You don't have any stone or jewelry?

You don't have any stones or jewels to transform. We will then study together what your expectations are while respecting your budget.

Transformation into jewelry

Do you have old jewelry?

You have old jewelry that is either broken or too old for your taste to be worn. I then use stones and gold to offer you a transformation into a modern piece that meets your expectations. In this case, the financial cost is significantly reduced.

Vous possédez de vieux bijoux ?
Vous possédez des pierres ou de l'or ?

Do you have stones or gold?

You only have stones or only gold. In this case, I suggest you provide what is missing. Here again the cost is reduced.

Custom creation of jewelry accessible to all.

Repairs, renovations, estimates, measurements.

Wedding rings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold jewelry, etc.

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