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Choosing an engagement ring for your other half can quickly give you a cold sweat. And for good reason ! It is often the first time that we buy jewelry. It is therefore difficult to find your way around and know how to choose well, without tearing your hair out. Today, we go over all the important points with you to find the perfect engagement ring.

How to choose the right engagement ring - Bijouterie Joaillerie Artero

How to choose the right engagement ring?



The symbol of the ring as a sign of love dates back to Roman antiquity. At that time, it was common to give a simple iron ring to seal a commitment.

This tradition was lost until the 15th century. According to legend,Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg would have given a ring set with diamonds to his future wifeMary of Burgundy, on the occasion of their engagement in 1477. The simple ring is adorned with stones. The tradition of the engagement ring adorned with a diamond, a promise of eternal love, was born.


Symbol of commitment,the engagement ring precedesthe alliance.It is generally offered by one of the two partners and not chosen as a couple like wedding rings.. But every story is unique, and each couple can proceed as they wish!

1. Choose a basegue artisanale


A diamond ring can be found in jewelry stores from 700 euros.The most beautiful models will be sold between 1 500 and 5,000 euros. A handcrafted model, not necessarily more expensive, will have the advantage of being unique and being able to bemade to measure.

2. Choose the stone carefully

Tradition dictates that an engagement ring is adorned with a stone, when a wedding ring is more in the form of a simple ring. Very often set with a diamond, the engagement ring can be chosen more original with a colored, precious or semi-precious stone depending on the budget:rubis,sapphire,emerald but also turquoise or opal if these models speak to you. The stones carry symbols. They can be chosen for their beauty and taste, but also for the scope of their meaning in lithic language. The stone will be solitary or in a trilogy depending on the style of the ring.

3. Choose a baseethical gue


Because engagement is a strong commitment and a declaration of love, it is preferable that it be part ofa global ethical approach :be sure to offer a piece of jewelry crafted with respect for human rights; we ensure the origin of the stones that set your future piece of jewelry.


4. Choosethe gold that suits you

The ideal metal for an engagement ring remainsgold. This can be chosenin different shades, yellow, white, pink and even red when combinedcopper. A choice that you will have to make according to your tastes and your daring: go for the classic or surprise with an original model? As a little tip, yellow gold goes particularly well with dark skin. White gold adapts to all skin tones, and pink or red gold stands out elegantly on light-toned skin.


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